Reward your team with an unforgettable immersive experience

Welcome to a world of hospitality, team building and exciting challenges, all set in the spectacular and historic surroundings of Hatton Country World, part of the Hatton Estate. Hatton Escape Rooms, our newest addition offers a live and immersive experience.  It is imperative that your team keep their cool and work together to stand any chance of escaping! Each room is themed to a different scenario with only one hour to escape.

Your team will be fully enthralled and engaged in the games whilst developing communication, time management and adaptability skills. Working under pressure, our Escape Rooms highlight those that can keep calm, and those that become flustered.

The Hatton Estate offers a complete range of team building activities for corporate events and all other occasions.  View our Hatton Estate website.

Hatton Escape Rooms
Why not Combine with Laser Combat

Hatton Country World has hosted numerous corporate events and aside from our Escape Rooms, you can challenge your opponents to our Laser Combat. It's all action at Laser Combat which is based on the battles fought in popular computer games such as Call of Duty and Halo.  Using the latest digital technology in an outdoor battlefield, your speed, stealth and teamwork skills will be tested to their utmost to survive the field of combat.

To discuss your requirements, and what we can offer you, please contact us on 01926 844359, alternatively email Lucinda at [email protected]

Trip Advisor
Tulleys have been ranked #2 in the world for escape rooms on TripAdvisor! We are constantly improving our games and have our eyes firmly on the number 1 spot!