About Us

It all began in the year of 1971.

After years of having the farm's roots firmly planted in food production, Tulleys founder, Bernard Austin Beare found himself at the forefront of technological advances – and so, the Frame Acceptance and Rejection Model was formed. Using the acronym FARM, the new facility had a central Artificial Intelligence system to observe the cognitive function of human beings, in order to further understand inter-human dynamics.

In the beginning, progress was slow. Testing was done using the A.I. on a large main frame computer - on site, but results were less than satisfying - until a new, groundbreaking platform emerged, now known as "the internet".
As a result, the FARM's potential became unstoppable, and their search for knowledge unchallenged. It wasn't long until their quest for answers became conclusive… Humans are a threat to themselves.

They must be controlled. For their own good…

And so the testing continues until the equilibrium is achieved.

Trip Advisor
Tulleys have been ranked #2 in the world for escape rooms on TripAdvisor! We are constantly improving our games and have our eyes firmly on the number 1 spot!